Saturday, December 19, 2009

Peg's hanging planter bowls

A new order for hanging planter bowls is the subject of this post. the bowl shape, and pattern that is impressed in the rim of the bowls is derived from an antique cream-white hanging planter bowl brought to me to make some replicas of. they did not have to match exactly in color or pattern, but I happened to have a leaf and flower stamp that simulated the pattern of the original. the color chosen is a new mustard yellow that is a satin matt glaze that is very nice to feel in your hand, plus it lends itself well to the "antique" like nature of this particular piece.
The photos with this post are of the pieces mentioned. these will probably lead to some new colors of this shape and pattern. sometimes customers can inspire an artist to try something that is out of the normal rhythm of their creative process. My thanks to "Peg" for a new direction in my patterning and glazing processes.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

new fish pitchers

I unloaded some nice fish pitchers from the kiln last week,eight in all. I now have seven of those left, ranging in size from 11-12 inches tall, and priced from 65-80.00. these are some of the best ones I've made to date, and wanted to share them with anyone who wishes to see fish-inspired pitchers. I have 4 of the pale green based ones;2 of the yellow, and 1 of the lime green ones left. enjoy!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

cone 3 floating blue glaze

This last week, I wanted to glaze some new pots with some nice texture with a blue glaze that would pool some in the texture that was applied to some nice pots. the glaze I wanted to use for the inside of the pieces didn't match temperature-wise;the blue fired higher than the rutile gold/brown that I wanted to use for the inside. I fluxed the blue down to my usual temperature, which is cone 3, and a real nice "floating blue" was the result.
Here are some more pics of recent pots, including fish pitchers and fish mugs to go with them.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

recent pots

these are some pics of recent firings. I've been introducing some different clay bodies and glazes for cone 6 into my work. one clay body is a porcelain from Matt and Dave's clays called "porcelain for the people" a very white body that goes as high as cone 11-12. I used it at cone 6 for some bowls and a platter that just came out of yesterday's firing. this platter has a mottled blue on it,that provided a nice finish on this particular clay. Other recent work involves a luster green with some iron sprayed around the edges. It is a very nice look, and the iron turns brown when sprayed on the rim. I hope to be posting more often as new work is unloaded from kilns, especially pieces that are the best from the firings.

Monday, August 24, 2009

August 22 firing

this firing had some pieces that involved revisiting an old glaze combination that I haven't used in years; a luster black/white combo. most of my glazes are fine being overlapped with each other, but this particular black isn't the same base glaze,and when overlapped with my white, it forms a "lava"like effect as you will see in the picture of it. I also included a couple of pics of the peephole glowing at the end of the firing, and the final readout of the temperature of the kiln when the firing was finished. One pic is the first shelf of pots as I look down into the kiln.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Jean's casserole

This is one of my best celadon green casseroles yet. A friend of mine named Jean ordered a celadon green one after seeing a lime green and blue one I had made earlier. This is the resulting piece; A nice confluence of creative design,function,and calming green glaze as well.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

new pots

I'm finally posting again after too long in between posts. these pics are of some bowls I'm working on at this time. not so many with the "wave" going around the rim like my sun bowls,but more of a flower shape. also some of the pieces are being textured with squares and free-hand lines around the rim as well.
I've also included some images from my last show in minneapolis about a week ago. enjoy.