Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Handmade Pottery

these pots are the first of many to be posted on my blog. the first piece is what i call a large "sun bowl". this piece,like all of my work, is thrown on the potters' wheel. The rim is cut when semi-hard,then smoothed to give the "sun wave" like appearance. The piece is then dried,bisque fired,then glazed. The bowl is then fired to 2140 F in an electric kiln. This bowl is about 17 inches in diameter, and about 5 inches high.
The second piece is a sink that i make in the same way as the sun bowl,but the rim is cut a little different. The glazes are sprayed on and the piece is fired in the same manner.
The third picture is a grouping of "fish pitchers". These are thrown on the potters' wheel as well,then handles and fins are added later. They have dipped and sprayed glazes,with scale-like texturing and gill-plates and eyes.