Friday, April 10, 2009

24 new bowls

Today was a good day to make 12-13 inch diameter bowls; I want to do more of the altering the rims so that the bowls will be a soft square or very slow wave to 4 points,so also square,but not with rounded corners. I'm including a photo of thirteen of the bowls made this morning. I was pleased that they were not as deep as some of mine are,which is fine normally,but I really wanted these to be rather shallow,almost a deep plate. I'll be altering some of them tomorrow; i'll post the freshly trimmed bowls so hopefully I'll receive some feedback; it's nice to test the waters of public opinion,whether it's compliments,critiques,or criticisms. until next time...

Monday, April 6, 2009

new square bowls

this past week I finally tried something that had been on the shelf for awhile; altering the thrown rim of a bowl into a square. not a hard-line square,but one that is a softened square with rounded corners. I then pressed 4 "dimples" into each corner with the end of a peg. here are two photos of the bowl.